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Campus Administration

Booker T. Washington Elementary School

510 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Elgin, Texas 78621
Phone: (512) 281-3411
Fax: (512) 281-9749


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Ruiz, Adriana Counselor 1412
Mascorro, Jagaira CIS Program Manager 1432
Moore-Rivers, Vera CIS Program Manager 1432
Cameron, Jasmine SEL Counselor  1435


Front Office Support Staff

Name Position/Title Email Ext.
Trevino, Diana Administrative Asst. - AP's Office 1406
Ramirez, Marisol Administrative Asst. - Principal's Office 1401
Ruvalcaba, Brenda Nurse RN 1404
Vasquez, Karina Receptionist  1400
Binzha, Angela Registrar  1403


Teachers & Campus Support Staff

Name Position/Title Email Ext.
Alanis, Jessica Classroom Aide  
Almanza, Erika Classroom Aide Kinder  
Almeida, Rebecca Teacher Kinder 1441
Anchia, Sylvia Teacher 4th Grade 1495
Astorga Barragan, Jessica Teacher 2nd Grade 1WDL 1481
Barrera, Amber Classroom Aide Intervention  
Barrera, Ashley Early Childhood Literacy Specialist  
Belz, Shannon Instructional Specialist  1446
Breihan, Emily Teacher 3rd Grade 1438
Briceno, Henry Teacher 4th Grade 1WDL 1409
Bullara, Melissa Classroom Aide Special Education  
Cansino, Daniel Teacher 2nd Grade 1476
Cantu, Diana Teacher 2nd Grade 1488
Cardona, Allica Teacher 2nd Grade 1465
Castillo, Connie Teacher 3rd Grade 1WDL 1480
Courtney, Jeanette Teacher Gifted & Talented 1416
Crafts, Rachel Teacher 2nd Grade 2WDL 1489
Crayton, Cydney Classroom Aide PE  
Culp, Caitlin Teacher 3rd Grade 1433
Deleon, Raylynne Teacher 4th Grade 1483
Diaz, Corinne Classroom Aide Intervention  
Duplant, Amy Teacher Dyslexia 1462
Estrada, Maria Classroom Aide  
Fencl, Ana Teacher 2nd Grade 1WDL 1431
Fernandez, Pablo Teacher 1st Grade 1WDL 1461
Fisher, Angela Teacher 3rd Grade 2WDL 1477
Fornelio, Susana Classroom Aide Intervention  
Gallego, Maria Teacher 1st Grade 1WDL 1482
Garcia, Elizabeth Teacher Kinder 2WDL  
Garcia-Flores, Olivia Teacher 1st Grade 2WDL 1466
Garza, Angela Teacher Kinder 2WDL 1478
Gilmore, Carla Classroom Aide Special Education  
Goerner, Dana Teacher 4th Grade 1WDL 1486
Gonzales, Maggie Teacher Music 1487
Gonzales, Michelle Teacher 3rd Grade 1WDL 1417
Grau, Tomas Teacher 1st Grade 1WDL 1415
Green, Mikisa Teacher Special Ed Solid Roots 1408
Grimaldo, Azalia Classroom Aide Kinder  
Grimes, Debra Teacher 1st Grade 1420
Guajardo, Elizabeth Teacher Intervention  
Hendricks, Sierra Teacher 4th Grade 2WDL 1448
Hernandez, Christine Teacher 1st Grade 1460
Hernandez, Mayra Speech Bilingual 1423
Hernandez, Shannon Teacher 3rd Grade 1WDL 1443
Johnsen, Magdalena Classroom Aide Kinder  
Jones, Jade ACE Site Coordinator 1418
Jones, Marilyn Classroom Aide  
Lake, Contessa Teacher Technology 1450
Lopez, Marisela Teacher 4th Grade 2WDL 1470
Malvar, Sara Teacher 2nd Grade 2WDL 1427
Mancha, Cynthia Teacher 1st Grade 2WDL 1484
McCarty, Stephanie Teacher 3rd Grade 1434
Mederos, Orfadelia Early Childhood Literacy Specialist  
Melo, Monica Teacher 4th Grade 1WDL 1475
Mendoza Gomez, Nelida Early Childhood Literacy Specialist  
Nunn, Angela Classroom Aide  
Owens, Patrice Teacher 4th Grade 1495
Pallares, Alberto Teacher Kinder 1WDL 1451
Peace, Karen Teacher Special Education 1430
Perez, Linda Student Teacher  
Quinones Girona, Rosguely Teacher Kinder 1WDL 1426
Roderick, Ashley Teacher Art  
Rodriguez, Itzel Librarian 1425
Sandoval, Jazmina Teacher 3rd Grade 1413
Saucedo, Mary Classroom Aide Special Education  
Soto, Adriana Teacher PE 1422
Stidham, Delaney Teacher 3rd Grade 1479
Tatro, Erin Teacher 2nd Grade 1419
Vaquera, Catherine Teacher Kinder 1WDL 1474
Varela, Briceida Instructional Coach 1449
Waldrep, Shawn Teacher Kinder 1424
Walsh, Morgan Early Childhood Literacy Specialist  
Woods, Valerie Classroom Aide Kinder